Satori Living Retreats are amazing, inspiring, and restorative long weekends that manifested a group of beautiful, strong women who continue to share their love and light with each other.

Carol was a true Godsend. She miraculously came into my life when I was struggling and introduced me to her Satori Living Program. She opened my eyes (including the third one) and lifted my heart. I am now an inspired spiritual being eager to spread the love and live the beautiful life I want! - Elizabeth Elder, Houston, Texas


This experience is perfect for anyone! I took so much away from this emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Even having the fresh food was the icing on the cake. I look forward to using these tools in my daily life and next Satori retreat! - Laurel Chick, Houston, Texas


The women of Satori were a perfect blend making a very safe, fun and growing experience for me. Thank you for helping me make the time to truly be in touch with love of self, others, and God! - Mireille Hassenhoehler, Former Lead Principle, Houston Ballet Company


Satori Living has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel. Before our retreat I was at a point in my life where I felt beat down by circumstances. I knew I wanted simple changes like to eat right and exercise but felt completely overwhelmed. Satori taught me to breathe and take back my power and now I know I can do anything. - Tamara Hopkins

Experiencing a Satori Lifestyle Retreat is truly a Treat!!! As women, we so often ignore our own needs for “Time Out” as we become stuck in our everyday lifestyle. We focus on being the best caretakers for our family, and friends, trying to hold everybody and everything together. I, as one of those exhausted women, was very fortunate enough to attend a Satori Retreat, last year. The Retreat was far above and beyond any of my expectations. I was just looking for a little rest and relaxation. Ladies, this was a life experience that I will never forget!! Much more than just spending a week in an absolutely beautiful location. Wonderful healthy nutritional meals, daily meditation, yoga, “Finding Balance within your Life Workshops” , free time for hiking, boating, exploring, or just meditating. You are taught how to listen to the language of your soul, and experience an instant awakening and understanding of your natural state of harmony. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, you find yourself bonding with all the other women, sharing stories and life experiences. You become so united with these women that you will not want to leave them.. No Joke!! You become a “Satori Sister”. A true lifestyle change like no other! Such a refreshing and warm heartfelt retreat that remains in my heart and soul daily. Love, Love, Love Satori Retreats!!! - Stephanie Denney


I can't even say I "found" Satori. It was quite literally presented to me seemingly out of the blue at a time when I was needing to learn to nurture myself and learn to hear my own heart. I had spent 25 years talking care of everyone but myself and could not even honestly answer a question regarding what I wanted from my life without it relating to someone else. Satori helped me slow down and hear myself, love myself and become my own best friend while recognizing the value of each experience. That has actually resulted in my ability to create beautiful boundaries, focus on the joy of each day and to also be a better half to all of the other relationships I have. I am so very thankful and blessed by the experience. - Rhonda Plezia


Attending a Satori retreat was hands-down one of the best decisions I made in the past year! During a time in my life when I was grasping for answers, meaning, and purpose - the Satori team lovingly provided the warm & nurturing environment I needed for spiritual renewal. Carol's program includes a clear & easy-to-implement set of lifestyle tools that I immediately took home to use on a daily basis. Elizabeth ensured the wonderful accommodations & delicious food were only surpassed by the warm & generous staff. The Satori experience goes above & beyond with personal touches & heartfelt gestures that made me feel at home. However, the most valuable takeaway from my time with Satori were the deep & genuine friendships I formed. The close bonds I felt then within the circle of Satori sisters is still a strong support system for me today. This is the invaluable Satori gift - it keeps on giving long after the 3-day program!! I love being part of the Satori family!! - Rosie Damgaard


The Satori Retreat at Colorado Cabin Adventures was such a special experience. My mom loved it too! The setting in the historic cabins on the creek was perfect, with the opportunity to kayak on Grand Lake and go on nature walks. From start to finish I felt so loved and pampered. We received so many wonderful gifts and the food was spectacular. With Satori yoga and coaching sessions each day, I left feeling so balanced and connected with the ladies in the group. I hope I can go on the next one (and Carol gave us tools to manifest that!). - Lee Ann Horneck, Golden, CO


I knew the retreat was going to be nice and relaxing for me, and I knew that Carol was going to be great based on what I’d already heard on our phone calls— but I was blown away on how much more I learned through Carol, how much I LOVED the yoga, how delicious the food was & how great it was to be with the women we were with! - Leslie Denby

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